Technical Skills


Python, Dart, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, ASP.NET, SQL, Java, JPQL, C#, C++, C, IBM Assembly, Perl, *nix Shells, PowerShell


Django, Java SE 7 (JDBC, Swing, RMI, AWT, JCE Cryptography)

Editor, IDE

Vim, Visual Studio (2013, 2012, 2010), Eclipse, NetBeans, Emacs


Drupal 8/7/6, Joomla, WordPress

Operating Systems

Chromium, Windows (every client version), Mac OS X (every version), UNIX (Solaris, AIX), Linux (Debian, Slackware, CentOS)


OOP/OOD, UML, Agile Unified Process, Scrum, XP

Database Design


Build Management

Git, GitHub, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Perforce, Subversion, Concurrent Versions System


2014 June - Present Philippine Overseas Labour Office Vancouver, BC

IT Professional Services

·         Employed custom PowerShell scripts to automate functionality recovery (e.g., LAN printer address) due to external router’s DHCP IP address changes.

·         Employed Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) to provide consistent and recoverable application availability between common workstations.

·         Successfully honed office’s technological resilience by succinctly communicating key principles of security engineering (e.g., least privilege), best practice requirements to staff.


2014 Force of Nature Alliance Vancouver, BC

Community Outreach Manager

·         Determined organising to mobilise voters to support ecologically-responsible technologies, fuel-alternatives, and exuviating our dependence on tar-sands-based pipelines.

·         Rallying team of cohorts to regularly engage the public in key political ridings by door-to-door canvassing, tabling, phone banking.

·         Collaboratively assisting in NationBuilder frontend design using Sass for CSS, Liquid markup language, and responsive HTML5.

·         Cultivating resource and team organising by engaging in ongoing leadership trainings by OrganizeBC.


2014 April - June Mercy for Animals Canada Vancouver, BC

IT Assistant

·         Creatively transitioned designs (Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC) into responsive HTML5 websites with novel CSS3 markup to fulfil unique interface requirements.

·         Quickly modernized, overhauled obsolete ASP.NET, C# webpages into company’s custom content management system using LAMP stack.

·         Built PHP application to list nearest vegan restaurants for thousands of email clients from postal code or city name using REST API directory.

·         Resourcefully created and updated webpages and templates by formatting, editing images and other materials for websites and emails.


2014 January - March SKIO Music Inc. Vancouver, BC

Junior Software Engineer

·         Precisely ported current CMS website (WordPress) to a static HTML5, CSS3 responsive design ( with added responsive customization.

·         Independently created custom Tumblr theme from basic template with consistent brand scheme, custom Twitter feed box, responsive design (

·         Collaborated with lead developer to write modules, functionality for Amazon AWS hosted (AWS S3 with Elastic BeanStalk Python application deployment) Django backend with dynamically generated JavaScript frontend.

·         Swiftly corrected previously-incorrect DNS records by directly modifying several incorrect name records that allowed the team to coordinate their current site with their domain.

2011–2012 Media Inc. Vancouver, BC

Drupal Development Engineer

·         Designed, tested, and assembled custom-themed Drupal web platform for social networking. (;

·         Diligently migrated entire company’s LAMP stack to Amazon AWS with Elastic Load Balancing on Auto-Scaling AMI’s using intuitive AWS Command Line Interface

·         Developed, debugged custom modules with innovative forum technology to pioneer avenues of discussion between communities of diverse beliefs.

·         Executed front-end security analysis along fourteen axes of vulnerability.

·         Effectively executed requirements elicitation in communication with users and director.

·         Intelligently prioritized start-up company requirements to realise brand vision.


2011–2012 EOS Lightmedia Inc. Vancouver, BC

Firmware Engineer for Microcontroller Lighting System

·         Worked harmoniously in team of lighting designer, lighting engineer, and electrical engineers to develop new LED lighting fixture product for company.

·         Planned and designed LED layout on building-model for research centre in North Carolina.

·         Successfully designed, implemented, and tested lightweight, efficient lighting-datagram router on open-source Arduino microcontrollers in Java IDE and C-based open-source code.

·         Created user-friendly web-interface on Arduino microcontrollers with dynamic IP-address reassignment and debugging web page.

·         Independently researched mechanisms for controlling seven-hundred smart-LED’s with ten separate microcontrollers and interfacing with public.


2010–2011 Farzin Yadegari Architect Inc. North Vancouver, BC

Web Developer and IT Specialist

·         Generated highly effective networking solutions with limited resources to establish server-client relationships with multiple peripherals in office.

·         Designed, coded, and published professional company website implementing jQuery interfaces on a customized WordPress platform.

·         Coordinated design-schedules between head architect and senior architects.


2006 UBC Faculty of Applied Science Vancouver, BC

Software Engineering Research Assistant

·         Designed, implemented, and tested control system software on microcontroller (using IBM Assembly and MATLAB) for dynamically coordinating movement of precision motors to realize inkjet printing of organic thin-film transistors and supercapacitors.

·         Investigated the research potential of organic supercapacitor and device fabrication using inkjet micropatterning.

·         Prepared concise and clear verbal daily reports in close teamwork with research fellow and associate professor advisor.


2005–2010 University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC

B.A.Sc. Computer Engineering program, Software Engineering specialization

·         Dean’s list recognition of excellence for two semesters.

·         Fourth year in program.

·         Excelled as software development leader in multiple computer engineering project groups.

·         Project course in security engineering project with focus on designing usable software security and access control within distributed systems.

·         Granted NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award to apply creative firmware engineering methods in four months of supervised lab research in EECE department.­­

2000–2005 Moorpark Community College Moorpark, CA

Physics and Electrical Engineering

·         Overall GPA of 3.63, A average.

·         Placed on Dean’s List for four semesters consecutively.

·         USA national silver medallist of college speech and forensics team.

Volunteer Experience

Writers' Exchange, Environmental advocacy (LeadNow, Dogwood Initiative, ForestEthics).

English teacher and learning Mandarin for four months in Hunan, China.


Competitive chess, public speaking, philosophy of science, ethics, Philosophers’ Cafés.